Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag PC

Clan O`Conall

HitGrab X SickKids bring home gold from the inaugural Hibernian Summer Games!

The Hibernian Summer Games have closed out in style with over $30,000 raised over two weeks of fun and gaming for The Hospital for Sick Children!

Smashing Targets for SickKids
With $36,605 (and 3 cents!) raised against an initial $10,000 fundraising goal, it’s fair to say that the competitors at the inaugural Hibernian Summer Games outperformed even their own wildest expectations. The funds raised for the SickKids Foundation go towards the construction of a new paediatric hospital, enabling SickKids’ physicians and staff to do their best work and empowering the patients and families in their care. Patients such as artist, streamer and fundraiser CarsonDrewIt;
From SickKid to Creator
‘Participation in the Hibernian Summer Games was a great experience and the perfect opportunity to continue my support of SickKids. I grew up with scoliosis; however, doctors caught it fairly late. Being based in the Toronto area, SickKids provided the care and help I needed to get a back brace – greatly improving my quality of life through my teen years and helping to slow the curving of my spine as I progressed into adulthood. This charity event was not only another valuable opportunity to give back to an organisation that has personally helped me, but also a chance to show up for the friends of mine who work for HitGrab, the studio that organized the event. The Hibernian Summer Games felt like the perfect match – raising some money for an organisation I love supporting, experiencing a great game, and making art inspired by it.’ – CarsonDrewit
Thank You from HitGrab
And with that we’d like to say a resounding thank you to all 465 of our donors, to SickKids for partnering with us, and to everyone who participated in the first Hibernian Summer Games. As we press ahead with our future plans for Clan O’Conall, we look forward to new speedrun records being set, Dullahan getting the stuffing knocked out of him several thousand more times, and for many more players to escape the Hellboar by the skin of their teeth. Whether on our social channels, our Steam pages or in Hibernia itself, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Media Contact and Further Event Information:
The Game Marketer on behalf of HitGrab for Clan O’Conall, in partnership with SickKids.