The Godkiller – Chapter 1 is the game with the most staircases in it


Finally, a Sokoban-like that’s taller than the Burj Khalifa

For years, Sokoban-style puzzlers have been constrained by two dimensions. Seespace Labs is pleased to announce that its upcoming puzzle adventure game The Godkiller – Chapter 1 breaks the mould by adding staircases and upper floors to the genre. In fact, Seespace Labs believes that The Godkiller may have more stairs than any other game in existence.

“Architecturally, stairs are more interesting than elevators, ladders, and other vertical movement mechanics,” says Erik Hermansen, designer and developer of The Godkiller. “As a level designer, I have to do more planning about the space stairs will occupy. And they’ll push orderly layouts into more interesting patterns.”

Erik calculates that The Godkiller – Chapter 1 contains a total of 5,164 steps, rising to a height of just under 1.3 kilometers. The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, rises to 828 meters. The Godkiller’s height can accommodate four Eiffel Towers stacked on top of each other. There are a lot of stairs in the game.

In addition to climbing up staircases, the player will also be able to climb down staircases. But the fun doesn’t stop there: as a Sokoban-like, The Godkiller requires the player to account for height differences in their plans, stacking blocks on top of each other and dropping onto them to solve puzzles. New movement mechanics – including a “fling” button that sends the player across rooms and up and down staircases instantly – make enacting these plans quick and easy, no matter how tall the level. “The game has lots of verticality to it with you as a player rising and falling very quickly to different heights,” says Erik. “You can dash up the stairs of a skyscraper-sized building in a few seconds.”

The Godkiller features 60 big puzzles to solve, each with an easy way and a hard way, plus some with extra-difficult achievements. Additional puzzle mechanics – such as dying to respawn the player character in better positions, and enemies which throw blocks at the player – lead to inventive new logic unlike any other Sokoban-like game. The Godkiller’s puzzles are presented with dark comedy and a whole soundtrack of original musical numbers.

The Godkiller – Chapter 1’s demo is available now on its Steam Store page. Keep an eye out for other events during Steam Next Fest in October.

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Seespace Labs

Seespace Labs is a Seattle-based game development studio and former VO studio. It is owned and operated by Erik Hermansen, who knows a thing or two about puzzle design, having created the DROD series.