Tips for New Developers

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Have your reason and remember it .

 Programming is hard , and you will get frustrated sometimes . At those times , it will be essential to keep in mind the reason you started coding in the first place .

Find a community .

 Find a community to support you as you start writing code . This can be a meetup , an online forum , or even a blogging platform like .

Embrace the cycle of learning .

 If you’re learning to code as a second career , especially if you’ve been away from the classroom for a while , learning how to learn is going to be a big part of your process . There are lots of ups and downs involved , which is very natural . Brace yourself for that rollercoaster before starting out .

Start with free resources .

 There are a million and done resources for learning how to code . Some are free , and some are paid . I would start with the free resources , make sure you like writing code , and then after that , you could think about moving onto paid resources or even a bootcamp .

Get good at pattern recognition .

 Recognizing patterns in code is one of the most important skills you can have . When people talk about writing “DRY” code ( i.e Don’t Repeat Yourself ) they are talking about reducing the patterns in your code .

Struggle , but not too much .

 Struggling a little bit when you are learning is really important so that you can solve the problem yourself and find an answer using resources that exist . That being said , it can become unproductive and demotivating to struggle with a problem for too long . After a few hours , reach out to someone for help !

You don’t need to know everything .

 It is straight up 100% impossible to know everything about programming . Nobody knows every programming language , every single method that’s out there , every library and framework , or the perfect solution to every problem . Don’t worry about learning everything , just focus on what you know and extending that .  

Compare yourself to only yourself .

 There are a lot of people learning to code out there . Don’t compare your progress to someone else’s , instead compare yourself to previous you and focus on your own growth .