Tunche is Launching on November 2nd


This Charming Action Game is Making its Worldwide Debut

HypeTrain Digital and LEAP Game Studios are excited to announce that Tunche will bring their rumble in the jungle to a worldwide audience on November 2nd. This charming action game that features beat ‘em up and roguelike mechanics allows you to choose from 5 different characters as you try to restore peace to the Amazon rainforest.  Tunche will be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles, as well as PC. Tunche can be wishlisted on Steam 

With hand-drawn animations, Tunche is a hack and slash game that takes players on an adventure through the Amazon rainforest. The game features five characters, including Hat Kid from A Hat in Time.

There are local co-op and roguelike elements to approach the adventure in different ways each time. Each of the five heroes has their own playstyle, with unique skills and abilities that should be useful when facing the game’s multi-stage bosses. Experience will be gained from each playthrough, which allows you to progress through the story. Characters can be upgraded with experience to learn new moves and skills.

Key Features:

  • PLAY IN CO-OP: Play solo or join up to 3 of your friends in a local co-op session to uncover the mystery of the forest and the secrets of Tunche! 
  • FIND YOUR OWN PLAYSTYLE: Choose one of the five unique characters: Rumi, the sorceress, Pancho the musician, Qaru the bird boy, Nayra the warrior & Hat Kid from the highly acclaimed A Hat In Time. 
  • MASTER THE DIFFERENT SKILLS: To overcome the evil beasts of Amazonian forests you will have to learn the skills and ultimate abilities that will take you further through the story with each playthrough.

Editors: If we can assist in your coverage of Tunche, please don’t hesitate to let us know! If you are interested in reviewing Tunche get in touch. We’ll get keys out as soon as possible.

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