Limited-Time Halloween Event Treats Players to Hordes of Alien Enemies, Men in Black Heroes, Over 30 New Weapons & Trinkets and More During Total Takeover of the Game

This Halloween season, Zombieland: AFK Survival is being invaded by aliens, agents, and gear from the blockbuster Men in Black films during a month-long event.

The hordes of zombies in Zombieland: AFK Survival have been replaced by the scum of the universe, and  the best way to defeat them is to join forces with the experts in the field of fighting aliens – the Men In Black.

Players can collect eight new MiB inspired heroes, including Agent J, Agent K and Zombieland characters Tallahassee and Columbus suiting up and wearing shades with the Men In Black. To better beat the new alien enemies, there are over 30 new weapons, trinkets and iconic Men in Black gadgets, including the memory erasing Neuralyzer the Noisy Cricket and Agent K’s car. Players will be able to enjoy all of the rewards they earn even after the event.

During the next month, players can engage in daily tasks and missions to collect Universe Tokens and Red Buttons in the special Alien Invasion and Galactic Travels program to get more awesome items like the Deatomizer, the Reverberating Carbonizer and much, much more.

The Men In Black Franchise has earned over $1.9 Billion in Global Box office across four films, gaining a

multi-generational fanbase with releases spanning from 1997 – 2019. The critically acclaimed franchise has been nominated for three Academy Awards, including an Oscar win for best makeup for the first film. 

The event also coincides with the second anniversary of Zombieland: AFK Survival, in which players embark on a wacky road trip across the post-apocalyptic wastelands of America that have been overrun by the undead. Whether playing as favorites Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita and Little Rock, or over 100 new characters, players must slay zombies in dozens of missions in a cross-country road trip from the woods of New England to the beaches of California. Players can also form guilds to compete in co-op raids for rare characters and weapons, and participate in weekly gauntlet challenges.

Zombieland: AFK Survival is available as a free download on iOS and Android stores.

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