VIRTUAL REALITY CO-OP PUZZLE ADVENTURE FOR FAMILIES – Seeker: My Shadow will be released on Steam


My Shadow is set in a mesmerising VR environment with a fascinating narrative and exciting tale that players of all ages can discover and enjoy. You step in the shoes of mountain sized giant, Spirit, and your goal is to lead and assist a tiny yet courageous Seeker named “Kippo” through a collection of casual puzzle levels set in serene and imaginative surroundings. You will seek, rescue, and gather your friends to safety in the spirit of Pokemon’s “gotta catch ’em all.”

The vibrant visuals are influenced by casual games like Temtem and many Nintendo classics –

Explore the diverse set of compelling levels and discover the story by overcoming casual yet demanding puzzles as a single player, or as an asymmetric cooperative with your mate. Locate and retrieve the lost Seeker Eggs and collect the concealed cards from each level while engaging in the exciting, puzzling and family-friendly scenery that sends you on an immersive adventure. Steam Remote Play ready!

The game is designed to be safe for players of all ages featuring simple, but fun puzzles to solve with family or friends alike. The Pokemon inspired story throws the players within a calm and soothing fantasy world of “Seeker”. The villain Jesterians have broken free from their “Jesterian Grotto” where they’ve been locked for a long time. Now they want to take back control of the whole Seeker world and the only way to stop them is to close the unlocked portal for good. Epic adventure awaits!

Seeker: My Shadow is a one-of-a-kind adventure that takes place as part of the Seeker world’s larger story. My Shadow takes off right where the plot leaves off, with the “Gates of Abyss” reopening for an unexplained reason and Viktor the Inventor needing to step up one more time and obtain the key to seal the gates. Fortunately, he is not alone. His former trusted comrade, the Spirit, has reawakened, and his faithful companion, Kippo, is now on the mission.

My Shadow is the first game to provide a narrative from the Seeker universe.

Seeker: My Shadow is also the first title for the “Seeker” -brand that Jestercraft is currently building. Seeker: Adventure is in the alpha testing phase, which is designed for mobile devices and uses Augmented reality for some serious “real world” Seeker -catching! Adventure is an “auto battle” -type of a game and features the familiar characters, family friendly environment and same storyline as My Shadow.

The Seeker brand building project is partly funded by the Finnish government (AVEK Kopiosto & Business Finland)

The game is developed by a Finnish game company Jestercraft which is located in Central Finland, Jyväskylä. Seeker: My Shadow is the first Virtual reality title from the company, which has over 20+ years of experience from PC and mobile development.