Weapon of Choice DX Out Now on Xbox, Switch, Playstation

Weapon Of Choice

Short ‘n’ Sweet; Run ‘n’ Gun

Charlestown, IN –September 2, 2021 – Now on all consoles, indie developer Mommy’s Best Games releases its award-winning shooting creation, Weapon of Choice DX, to the world.

Weapon of Choice DX is a short and sweet run and gun shooter, with 4 unique endings and 7 difficulty settings. Play sessions are quick, around 10-15 minutes, but offer plenty of variety and surprises. Players can dynamically choose new directions in which to proceed and discover new levels and characters. 
The DX version improves on the award-winning XBLIG hit with difficulty rebalancing, hidden collectibles, a new widescreen layout, and uprezzed 4K art. “I looked at every aspect of the beloved run and gun genre and tried to introduce something original and exciting. It’s still a hand-crafted shooting adventure, not a rogue-like, but there are lots of fun twists” says lead designer Nathan Fouts. “For instance, while you have three playable lives, there’s no standard ‘life’ system. The three lives are all unique characters! And if you can actually rescue a new character you find in a level, you’ll get them permanently as they act as a new life!” Fouts continued “Each of these characters has their own ‘weapon of choice’–each with unique, wildly original gameplay. But each character also has a ‘Spiderpack’ that lets you easily scale walls, climbing everywhere, all while blasting away. There are seven characters total, meaning if you can find them all, you get access to seven lives! And you’ll need them because the higher difficulties really crank it up.”
Out Now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation

Weapon of Choice DX is now available in the Americas and Europe on Playstation 5 and Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox One version supports a worldwide release.

The Nintendo Switch game page is here for the NA store, and the EU store.
The Xbox One version is available here. 
Search the Playstation store to download the game on PS4 or PS5.

Chat ’Em Up

Join the Mommy’s Best Games Discord to get all the news on Weapon of Choice DX, upcoming MBG games and sales, and to discuss other run and gun games. Shmup players, retro enthusiasts and game developers are there now talking about the details of many classic shooters.

Key Features for Weapon of Choice DX in 4K

  • Choice is your Weapon! Play through hand-designed levels and make dynamic in-level branching decisions!
  • Each playable character has their own special weapon with two fire modes!
  • Rescue unique playable characters and add to your total number of playable lives!
  • Experience Death Brushing! Unlike traditional one-hit kill games, you have a chance to get out of a tight spot.
  • Reap revenge for your downed Operatives with the Vengeance Missile!
  • Scale walls and attack from anywhere with the automated Spiderpack!
  • Replay to experience different storylines with completely distinct endings! 
  • Rock out to original music with a heavy metal guitar soundtrack!
  • Remastered for 4K resolution, in wide-screen format, at 60 fps!

About Mommy’s Best Games
Mommy’s Best Games, Inc. is a boutique video game developer founded in 2007 by industry veteran Nathan Fouts. All of their games add wild gameplay to classic action genres. They have created hits such as Pig Eat Ball (Switch, XB1, PS4), Serious Sam Double D XXL (XBLA, Steam), Shoot 1UP (Steam, PS4/5, Xbox One, Switch), Game Type (Steam, Xbox 360), Explosionade (Steam, Xbox 360), Weapon of Choice (Steam, Xbox 360), Emoji Scream (itch.io, iOS, Android), Finger Derpy (iOS, Android), and Grapple Buggy (Xbox 360).

About Super Soul
Super Soul is an independent video game developer founded in 2010 Lexington KY and run by studio head John Meister. Developer of recent titles such as Kentucky Dash, and responsible for porting Pig Eat Ball and Shoot 1UP DX to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One, Super Soul has established themselves as a leader in Unity game development.