Im Not a Jelly

1 Simple Game, an indie game dev studio from Guadalajara, Mexico, has officially launched its Kickstarter to raise ~$20,000 USD ($400K MXN) to continue developing I’m Not Jelly, an action roguelike inspired by titles such as Hades and Spelunky, with humoristic elements like Castle Crashers or TV series Invader Zim.

This game is approved to come out on PC/Mac through Steam, and with enough support, it might also be available on Nintendo Switch & Xbox.

In a lovely corner of the universe live cute, innocent and peaceful blobs who want to bring peace and prosperity to all sentient life in the galaxy.

Suddenly, half of the planets in the galaxy have been taken by the Ungrateful Plantizard army, taking the Nojellians by surprise and eating the bodies of oblivious civilians… they taste like Jelly, they claim.

Somehow obtaining increased growth and strength enhancement by consuming Nojellians, creating powerful plants capable of enslaving innocent species.

But the Galaxy has nothing to fear, as their unique and blob-like saviors are here!

An Intergalactic conflict

In I’m Not Jelly you control a soldier willing to give his life to fight against an army of Plantizards, some sort of intelligent plants that rebel against the Nojellian Empire and threaten to conquer the Galaxy.

Use different characters, each one with a variety of abilities and skills to launch attacks and fight multiple plant enemies in procedural missions to complete objectives, defeat Bosses, destroy Plantizard structures or rescue fellow Nojellians.

Plan your Conquest

To combat the Plantizards, the Nojellian Empire must come up with a strategy and target tactical objectives to reconquest lost planets.

Visualize the status of the war, faction traits, and under what faction each planet has a domain in a war map located in the Nojellian Empire mother base.

Select missions and complete them successfully.

After a few victorious missions, you will regain dominion over the planet and gain traits related to that planet. Planets under the power of the Nojellians will grant passive bonuses to boost combat on each mission.


  • Skills are a combat-changer. Each character has their own skill tree with unique skills.
  • Each room has obstacles, traps, and objects that can be used to help in fights or for navigation.
  • Gather resources for use in stores, find health pools, activate traps to defeat enemies, or cover yourself behind to avoid attacks. 
  • Use light and heavy attacks against the Plantizards, besides from a special ability and the dash mode to avoid damage or punch the enemies from below.
  • Missions are generated procedurally, there will always be a different room composition depending on the difficulty and type of mission.
  • During missions, rescue Nojellies, find resources, and complete events to unlock new content.
  • Some Plantizards evolved to get great powers and size. These Bosses will have unique abilities and behaviors that will make different each try to defeat them.
  • Regain control of the galaxy, gathering as many powers on the way as possible.

Loyalty to the Nojellian Empire will be rewarded

To thank the trust of our Kickstarter backers, we have several rewards prepared, besides getting the game at a special price lower than on launch.

Some of the rewards are:

  • Your name on the credits
  • Digital or physical soundtrack copy
  • Digital or physical artbook copy
  • Pins
  • Original card game
  • Display figure
  • Immortalize yourself with a Jelly-like NPC
  • Associate Producer

All backers will also get:

  • Priority for receiving I’m Not Jelly’s development newsletter.
  • Access to an exclusive space on Discord, with a role and channel only for backers where they will be able to give feedback and take part in surveys directly with the developers.
  • A backer-exclusive skin for your characters.

We turn to Kickstarter because production for a game as ambitious as this is not possible with our current budget. Besides, in our experience, it has been better to develop a prototype to know if what we’re working on I well-received by people and they really want to play it We’re validating I’m Not Jelly with you before it releases with this funding campaign that will end on November 20th.

You can also be a part of the creative process of this challenging title, and support the indie game industry in Mexico.

You can also add it to your Steam Wishlist!

About 1 Simple Game

1 Simple Game was built in 2013 under the premise to entertain the world, developing incredible and enjoyable experiences for our players no matter if it rains, snows, or after a zombie invasion. Creators of Mucho Taco, with over 2.1 million downloads. Selected in 2019 for the Google program Indie Games Accelerator, and published by Apple Arcade with The Lullaby of Life.