Chaotic couch showdown SpiderHeck announced for all platforms

Spider Heck

Players can jump into the mayhem right now by joining the Steam PlayTest today

“This game is so fun but it’s so challenging and that’s the kind of game that you really like, something that’s easy to pick up and learn but very very difficult to master”
– BaronVonGames (2M subscribers)

14 SEPT 2021 – Developer NeverJam is happy to announce their much-loved and hilarious physics-based couch brawler SpiderHeck is coming to all major platforms. As revealed during tinyBuild Connect, the Steam Playtest will also be launching today giving players a chance to dive in and try it out for themselves.  

As showcased in the new announcement trailer, SpiderHeck is a fast-paced brawler that launches up to four players into a ridiculous spider showdown. Armed with laser swords, grenades, and even rocket launchers players must navigate multiple platforms (and the dangerous lava) to web-sling their way to victory. 

Alternatively, players can choose to take on wave after wave of vicious wasps in endless co-op or single-player fun. This hardcore PVE mode features rogue-like gameplay with multiple monsters, unlockable perks and hours of ridiculously messy gameplay.

SpiderHeck will be coming soon on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch, but players can join the Steam Playtest today by simply visiting the SpiderHeck Steam Page to request access.

Regarding the announcement, Uvis Zviedris, the developer, said: “A lot of the development for SpiderHeck was very improvisational. I didn’t really set out with any other goal than just making something that is purely fun (several years of making boring software products probably had its effect on me). Every stage of the process has just been the simple matter of “Okay, what would be cool?” or “Oooh, that would be funny, I’ll just do that.”  So in a way the game has evolved into a mixture of various things I enjoy.” [Continues below]

He continued – “The community also has had a great effect on the development as nothing has been more motivational than seeing players be excited about an early version of a certain feature while in my mind I am going “Oooh but just you wait! This isn’t even the final form of it!

Overall I am just really hyped to see more people join the community and help me shape SpiderHeck into as fun experience as it can be.

About SpiderHeck

SpiderHeck is a chaotic couch co-op brawler where spiders dance to the death in the grip of chaotic battles using laser swords, grenades and even rocket launchers to defeat their foes.

Challenge yourself by fighting wave after wave of vicious wasps in endless hours of single-player fun, or let the mayhem begin in a dazzling fight against your friends taking on the wasps in PVE; stab, sling, and scramble your way to victory in this spider showdown.

  • Single or Multiplayer PVE – Take on the wasps in single-player or local multiplayer chaos for up to 4 players. 
  • Local Multiplayer PVP – Duel to the death against your friends to see who will become champion of the SpiderHeck arena.
  • Easy to Pick Up – Simple, intuitive controls that will have you swinging around like the spider swordmaster you are destined to be in no time.
  • Hilarious physics-based combat – Watch in delight as your friends pull off the ultimate parkour feat, before catapulting themselves face-first into the lava.
  • Incredible acrobatics – Spiders react dynamically to the carnage, resulting in a range of badass and hilariously clumsy moments.

About Neverjam

Neverjam is a solo game developer making his first game and, for some reason, it’s about spiders.

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