Charybdis Emerges in SMITE Cinematic Trailer


This August, Scylla’s soul sister will rise from the ocean depths
as the newest playable God

Seafarers, beware! This August, the Greek girl-monster Charybdis will become the new playable Goddess of SMITE – a Hunter.

Charybdis controls a nightmarish outgrowth—The Maw—and can disappear into whirlpools. Just like her father Poseidon, she taps into the Tide to gain power.

All details about Charybdis will be available on the SMITE website, following the Update Show happening on SMITE’s Twitch channel on August 4 at 3pm ET.

As Charybdis reunites with Scylla, her sister in spirit, the two of them will give an all too tangible meaning to the old saying ‘caught between a rock and a hard place’…

Charybdis will be riding the wave of the popular Stranger Things x SMITE crossover, live since July 13.