Choosing a New Telephone System for Your Business – What You Need to Know

Introducing a new telephone system into your business whether it is to completely replace an already existing telephony system or to act as a supplemental means of communication, there are factors that need to be considered.  Over the last few years, telephony has gone through so many changes and improvements that choosing a new telephone system has become quite a complex undertaking. 

Changing to a new telephone system requires a full assessment of both risks and rewards.  Here are a few key factors to consider before making the move.

Assess the Need

Before changing over to a new telephone system or supplementing an existing telephony system, assess the need of your business.  Evaluate business needs and technical requirements.  Find out how a new telephone system can enhance existing information exchange and communication functions.  Assess if a new telephone system can properly address any existing communication issues that have been negatively affecting business productivity.

Workforce Involvement

It is highly recommended that business owners consult with their workforce before installing a supplemental or new telephone system.  Involving the workforce could result in being able to pinpoint exactly what needs to be improved on and what product and service features would best serve the purpose of the change.  While this method may take time especially in larger businesses, the rewards are well worth the wait.  Getting a new telephone system is not just about getting the latest and best models or telephony solutions, it is also about finding the correct telephone system that could most positively impact productivity.

Think Long Term

Installing a new telephone system, once completed is decision that cannot be easily reversed.  It is a facet of day to day business operations that your workforce has to utilise and incorporate into their daily functions for at least a few years.  The importance of making the right evaluations, considering the important factors, knowing the technical requirements and ramifications is crucial in arriving at the correct and final decision.  Moreover, it is important to note that the provider is as important as the services, solutions and equipment to be delivered and implemented.  Assess the support personnel as your workforce will be working closely with them in ensuring that your new telephone system delivers its promised results.