Hiring A Unified Communications Provider For Better Work Life Balance

In today’s modern age of being almost always “connected,” many people find it hard to have a healthy balance between work and life affairs and it is almost as difficult to keep the two separate. Our fast paced lives and increasing daily work pressures make us crave for a certain degree of separation of the two aspects and one way to achieve that is to choose a dependable unified communications provider that will make our work life simpler so we could enjoy our personal life better.

There will of course be times when work will cross paths with days off or personal time but having a unified communications provider to make the most out of the latest technology to help us perform work tasks without the physical requirement of actually being at the office makes work life integration easier. You could be having a break from teaching your kid how to play golf while checking in on project developments and employee updates at the office while having a video conference with a client at the same time. Imagine how much time, effort, and transportation costs was saved on that single conference call alone.

You would not believe how high the divorce rate for entrepreneurs for the past five years. Being successful in business demands that entrepreneurs be hard at work, so much so that it often swallows them whole, leaving less and less time for them to enjoy their earnings and spend time with loved ones.  Having a capable unified communications provider may not fix all marriage concerns but it can make a world of difference because you can “be there” more often than you have before so you can work out issues and spend more quality time with your spouse and your family.

Your staff and employees can also enjoy the same ease of work life balance if you have a good unified communications provider. They would not only be grateful and loyal to the company because of more flexibility in their work schedules, their productivity rate could also be increased as the unified communications provider pave the way for better team collaboration and conversation. There would be a dramatic decrease in time wasted waiting for one party to respond to another department. Desk phones will be able to communicate with desktop computers, mobile phones, and other gadgets that are capable of messaging, voice, and video applications. Real-time conversations can happen anywhere, anytime.

Remember having to dial three or four numbers when trying to reach one person and the frustration of not getting through?  Having a unified communications provider can eliminate all that frustration since they can set up a system where just one phone number can be used to reach you or your employees. All your contacts and conversation history on one device can be transferred onto another device. The unified communications provider can configure all the company used devices to use an application that looks, feels, and works the same way on all devices so there would be no confusion on how to use the app on any platform. Your clients and customers need not go through the same frustration when trying to reach any of your company’s representatives since a call can be forwarded to any other person and any other device. If one of your account managers happens to be having a sick day then the call can be routed to other members of the team who can assist the client.

A single call can be routed to any device that is connected to the network. You can also seamlessly transition from one device to another. Imagine having started a conference call in the board room but you already need to get going if you do not want to be late for your kid’s school play. Having a unified communications provider means not having to cut your conference call short, and possibly making a client feel not so important, because you can continue the conversation by seamlessly switching to your mobile phone and you can finish the important business deal while walking towards your car or driving to your kid’s school. You would have made a client feel valued without sacrificing interpersonal relationships which happens ever so often in the business world.