Psychological horror game Dollhouse is coming to Nintendo Switch this October

Doll House PS4

The film noir horror experience goes Nintendo, digitally and physically

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 29 July 2021 – Film noir psychological horror game Dollhouse is coming to Nintendo Switch in October of this year, after being launched on PlayStation®4 and Steam earlier. The game comes to Switch in both physical and digital formats and contains features specific to Nintendo Switch.

Switch specific experience
Dollhouse on Switch makes use of specific features such as touch screen for menu navigation, HD Rumble that simulates the player’s heart beat when ‘it’ is chasing them and a dedicated button to turn around instantly for those unexpected confrontations. Finally, players can also choose make use the console’s gyroscope to control the game’s first-person camera.

Title: Dollhouse
Developer: SOEDESCO
Genre: Horror
Release Date: October 2021
Hashtag: #DollhouseGame

About Dollhouse
This haunting horror game draws you into the mysterious atmosphere of film noir. Delve deep into the mind of Marie, a detective trying to unravel the secrets of her past memory by memory. Use the ‘Focus’ feature to see through the eyes of your pursuer as you try to survive a suspenseful game of cat and mouse.


  • Escape your pursuer as you decipher the eerie story of your past
  • Customize and upgrade your character with 40+ Abilities and Passives
  • Scan the environment and see through the eyes of your pursuer
  • Investigate procedurally generated maps, no restart is the same
  • Experience the horror with HD Rumble, gyroscope camera and touch screen controls


Note to editor

SOEDESCO is an independent video game developer, publisher and distributor founded in 2002 with its headquarters in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We create interactive entertainment for a large and diverse community to enjoy. 

At SOEDESCO we strive to bring fun and engaging gaming experiences to a worldwide audience. Our portfolio consists of titles such as Owlboy, Kaze and the Wild Masks, Monster Crown, Among the Sleep, Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Monstrum. We also have our own IPs including Truck Driver®, Adam’s Venture® and Real Farm. 

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