Push Your Family launch on September 22

Push Your Family

​​​​​​​Get slap happy with the Steam Early Access release

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS, September 20, 2021 – Wacky party game Push Your Family is released on Steam Early Access on the 22nd of September! The game revolves around a family getting on each other’s nerves on several day trips until it becomes less friendly… Once the pushing starts it won’t stop until you are the victorious family member!

Anyone can play!
Arguing with your family has never been more fun! Push Your Family is a colourful party game with wacky family members and slapstick humour. You are part of a fractious family visiting some hazardous road trip attractions… When the bickering and disagreements get out of hand, the only way to resolve things is to PUSH YOUR FAMILY!

Push Your Family is a 4 player game that can be played both online or locally. It’s a fun, physics-based game so it’s very easy to pick and play, even if you’re not a ‘typical’ gamer, so it’s fun for everyone!
Get slap happy with your wacky family, wishlist now on Steam!

Steam keys are now available for (p)reviews and video content. The Meteor Mug development team is also available for interviews.