Side-scrolling Japanese Horror Game Series -Tsugunohi- is Now Available on Steam! Featuring Ai’s Silent Cries with Kizuna Ai!


PLAYISM and Game Magazine (a game publication media operated by Vaka, Inc., CEO: Yosuke Nakanishi, HQ: Tokyo, Nakano-ku, are proud to announce that popular J-horror title Tsugunohi is now available on Steam. Featuring a total of nine scenarios, the Steam version also includes two original scenarios – The Ethereal Railroad Crossing and a very special scenario featuring collaborations with Japanese Vtuber Kizuna Ai, titled Ai’s Silent Cries.

The Legendary Horror Series with Over 54 Million Streaming Views
Featuring Ai’s Silent Cries, a Steam Original Scenario with Kizuna Ai

Tsugunohi was developed by ImCyan and originally released on Freem! and other free game websites in 2012. Since then, Tsugunohi Let’s Plays have amassed over 54 million views worldwide, establishing it as one of the legendary horror titles. Coming to Steam on August 13th, this new version will include nine episodes and be supported in English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

Furthermore, we have collaborated with Kizuna Ai, a popular Japanese Vtuber, for Ai’s Silent Cries, an original Steam scenario.

Ai’s Silent Cries (Steam Original)
Kizuna Ai is on her way home after a live broadcast. The road home today feels different, but somehow familiar…

Special Giveaway Campaign to Commemorate Tsugunohi’s Steam Release!

To celebrate Tsugunohi’s release on Steam, we are setting up a very special, first-ever Tsugunohi pop-up store in DUB GALLERY from August 6th to 21st. Additionally, we will be holding a Twitter giveaway where 10 lucky participants will win some awesome mini acrylic stands, that are sold ONLY at the pop-up store.

To enter, simply follow PLAYISM’s official Twitter account @playismEN and retweet the campaign tweet for your chance to be one of the ten winners!

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 All Nine Scenarios of the Steam Version
Episodes 1, 2, and 3 Remastered
The Steam version of Tsugunohi features the first three episodes of the game with enhanced graphics, upping the fear factor.

Tsugunohi Episode 1
A male junior high school student on his way home from school. He feels a strange chill on his usual way home….
Tsugunohi Episode 2
A junior high school girl on her way home from club activities. She feels an unusual stare at the usual intersection…

Tsugunohi Episode 3
Tsugumi, an elementary school girl, returns home from school. Her mother, who always goes out shopping when she gets back, is missing…

Watch On As Horror Descends

Tsugunohi -a closed future-
A high school girl on her way home from school. She mumbles, “I want to start over,” and leaves to head home…
Tsugunohi -The cat ghost-
The protagonist is just an ordinary cat. He goes on a field trip to patrol his territory…]

Tsugunohi -The parallel train in the dark- A junior high school girl goes to cram school by train. Strange things, however, begin to happen on her familiar commute…
Tsugunohi -Whispering Toy House-
An unassuming house in a quiet residential area. A girl interested in antique toys wanders in, unaware of the horror that awaits her…

Tsugunohi -The Ethereal Railroad Crossing- (Steam Original)
Taking place at a train crossing awash with ghostly mystique, Tsugunohi -The Etheral Railroad Crossing- is a story about a girl and a living spirit who is a carbon copy of her.


■ Developer:  Game Magazine, ImCyan
■ Publisher:  Game Magazine, PLAYISM
■ Genre:    Horror
■ Platform:  Steam
■ Release Date: 13th August, 2021 12AM PDT ■ Supported Language:    English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
■ MSRP:    $9.99 (Incl. tax)
© ImCyan/Vaka Game Magazine. Licensed to and published by Vaka, Inc./Active Gaming Media, Inc.

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