“Clan Conquest”, Where Sluggers Cooperate with Clan Members, Is Now Available in Homerun Clash

HomeRun Clash
  • New Game Mode “Clan Conquest” announced
  • Promotion System and New Style for Batters
  • Balance Improvement Based on Player Feedback

Seoul, South Korea – Aug 13th, 2021 – HAEGIN is today launching a new clan game mode for Homerun Clash, the mobile multiplayer arcade-style home run derby game.

“Clan Conquest” is a new game mode where player can cooperate with other clan members to defeat the Ace pitcher in each stadium. When the pitcher’s HP is depleted, the clan can conquer the stadium. Each pitcher will use a powerful skill when the “Rage Meter” is full. Players can participate in “Clan Conquest” 3 chances a day on every weekday, and the results will be tallied at the following Monday.

Coming with v3.10.0 update, an option to promote Max Newton and Victoria into Elite Batters which would boost their stats, and a new style “Firefighter” for Percival will be added to the game. Also, new skill card “Big Bang”, that yields more points than normal when hitting the ball once every 3 hits, can be acquired after OLYMPUS STADIUM opens.

Lastly, v3.10.0 update will also come with the balance adjustments of the ball “VISION” and the legendary batter “Victoria”, system improvement of consecutive login buffs, and more.
HOMERUN CLASH is an arcade-style home run derby game featuring real-time multiplayer PvP, single-player challenge mode, story mode, bi-weekly tournaments and clan battles, Gameplay is fast and exciting, with simple controls and high-quality graphics. In multi-play, player can use special skills to interrupt the opponents. Players must choose a batter, each with unique skills strategically selected with skill cards that add to their bonus. The game launched worldwide in 2019 and placed in the top 10 highest grossing sports games category on the App Store and Google Play in over 70 countries.
HAEGIN is a developer of mobile games based in Seoul, South Korea. Led by 20-year industry veteran Youngil Lee, a founding member of Com2uS Corp. well-known for the global hit RPG Summoners War, HAEGIN has received substantial investments from the Storm Ventures Fund, Tencent, and other key investors in the game industry. Since founding in 2017, HAEGIN has grown to include over 100 people who work passionately to create uniquely entertaining games that players from all over the world can enjoy.

Its first title, Homerun Clash is a fresh take on the arcade-style home run derby genre with more than 5 million downloads and is currently the 13th and 17th highest grossing sports game on Google Play and the App Store respectively. After successful debut of futuristic close-quarter action title OVERDOX and multiplayer golf brawl title Extreme Golf, HAEGIN launched their latest social metaverse title Play Together on April 2021.

The company is planning to utilize its expertise in developing global hits to expand its lineup in the future, including sports game, RPG, and more.