Touhou DollDraft Finally Set for Release on August 13th!

Touhou Dolldraft

Touhou DollDraft by WSS playground, game label operated by Why So Serious?, (will be released on Steam  at 2:30AM PDT on 13th August 2021.Additionally, tune into “Touhou Station”, Touhou Project’s web media program, at 7AM PDT on the same day to watch Vtuber “Arurandeisu” battle viewers in Touhou DolDraft!. What is Touhou DollDraft?In Touhou Doll Draft, you form teams comprising “dollified” Touhou Project characters and send them into battle against each other. Characters can be made stronger by gathering characters from the same group together, or by putting characters who have special feelings for one another on the same team. Can be played by up to four players online.  

All characters belong to a specific tribe and each has their own strength value, unique skills and costs. Additionally, each character also is assigned an “affinity” value towards each of the other characters, putting characters with special feelings for each other in the same team will result in a boost in strength.    

Purchase dolls with game currency that save up over time. Every player present will be locked in a real-time tug-of-war for the best dolls available. If you’re willing, you can even pay extra to snatch somebody else’s dolls.   

Form your team with the dolls that you’ve picked. Players can pay extra to increase the number of dolls they can include in their team.  

In battle, each turn sees the players engage in two 1 vs 1 battles in turns, players will continue picking dolls and engaging in battle until somebody’s HP reaches 0.  

StorySuddenly finding herself far away from her native Gensokyo, lost in a world similar to that of Alice in Wonderland, in order to return to her world “Alice” must fight in a mysterious game known as the “Doll Draft” in which she must take control of puppets…  


Alice Margatroid

  • A magician with “the ability to control dolls”.
  • Character with an “Alice”-based motif.
  • When chosen as player character, has the ability to increase the levels of the picked characters.

Tewi Inaba

  • A Youkai rabbit, who, in attempting to stay as healthy as possible in order to live long, ended up attaining Youkai transformation powers. Has “the ability to bring fortune to humans”.
  • Character with a “White Rabbit”-based motif.
  • When chosen as player character, player will receive currency when levelling up a character.

Sakuya Izayoi

  • Remilia Scarlet’s maid, with “the ability to control time”. Human.
  • Character with a “Playing Card”-based motif.
  • When chosen as player character, has ability to stop time, preventing other players from doing anything for one turn.   

Remilia Scarlet

  • A vampire with “the ability to control fate”. 
  • Character with a “Queen of Hearts”-based motif.
  • When chosen as player character, has the ability to reduce all characters’ HP by half.

Vtuber “Arurandeisu” VS Viewers Live!

At 7AM PDT on August 13th, Touhou DollDraft will be featured on “Touhou Station”, Touhou Project’s program broadcasted on mildom. Tune in to see Vtuber “Arurandeisu” take on viewers of the show in-game!

Touhou DollDraft
■ Developer: WSSplayground, milliondoubts
■ Publisher: WSSplayground
■ Genre: Versus, digital board game
■ Platforms: PC (Windows)
■ Release Date: 13th August, 2021
■ MSRP: $14.99

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Company Name: Why So Serious?
CEO: Daichi Saito