Sprite Fantasia, remake of the classic MMORPG “Grand Fantasia”, is coming in October! Pre-register on Android and iOS now!

Sprite Fantasia

“Master, Do you remember me?”

Master, Do you remember me?”

Sprite Fantasia”: The heir to “Grand Fantasia”

Full of nostalgic hilarious parody, “Sprite Fantasia” has finally arrived! More than a million players in 15 countries have already been won over by the charm of the Sprites! Do you remember the days of fighting with your old comrades and your connection to your Sprite? “Sprite Fantasia” is expected to be released in mid-October. Today, September 10, X-Legend has announced that it will launch both iOS and Android versions of the game. You can now pre-register to awaken the nostalgia in you!

Countless playstyles await you!

In addition to adding multiple PVP combat styles and old-fashioned class transfer options, players may create numerous extravagant outfits, explore the abundant mysteries of Saphael, or visit the Red Coconut Paradise to play various mini-games! “Sprite Fantasia” brings classic gameplay in its original flavor and enhances the social gaming experience. Visit the Sprite Island, unlock a variety of cool features and decorations and compete with your friends! Whose island is the most stylish? Invite your friends to come visit you and find out!

Explore the world of Saphael as a Sprite Messenger until the Day of Fate and embark on various exciting and absurd adventures. The Guardian Spirits will be your best allies (or maybe not …), offering the players the most solid support!

Pre-registration is open!

The pre-registration for “Sprite Fantasia” is now open! Get an SSR Memory Card as an exclusive reward and crush your enemies using it from the very start. Reach 2M pre-registration milestone and unlock new exclusive outfit rewards!!

All Sprite Messengers nostalgic for the classic, please go to the official website to participate in the event and get ready for a relaxing and fun journey into the fairytale world of the Sprites!