Storytelling Through Stained Glass: Mosaic Chronicles Arrives on Steam


Only $6.99 during Steam Early Access


DUBLIN – Aug. 25, 2021 – Mosaic Chronicles, a story-driven puzzle game where players move and rotate pieces of stained glass to complete mosaics, is launching today on Steam!
Inspired by the stories of Belarusian author Olga Gromyko, Mosaic Chronicles features two separate stories to play through: “A Bit of Horoscoping” and “The Lucky Knot.” As players complete each of the 15 mosaics in the game, each narrative can be enjoyed in the Gallery – storybook style.
“While working on a different game, I looked at Lena Maćków’s stunning art and realized that it would be just perfect for a puzzle game,” says Marina Makarevskaya, director and designer at Error300 Games. “But a game also needs a story. Since I read a lot and used to work as a translator, I kept in touch with some of the authors I worked with in the past—such as Olga Gromyko, who has written captivating short stories and novellas. The rest, as they say, is history!”
Key Features

  • Experience two Olga Gromyko stories – “A Bit of Horoscoping” and “The Lucky Knot” – from a whole new perspective!
  • Enjoy beautiful stained-glass mosaics that you can assemble piece by piece.
  • Visit the gallery to view completed mosaics – and track your progress!
  • Choose from 3 difficulty levels.

Pricing & Availability
Mosaic Chronicles is now available on Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux) for $6.99.

About the Error300 Games
Founded in 2020, Error300 Games is an indie studio based in Dublin, Ireland. The team consists of six passionate game fanatics who strive to create fun, entertaining games they want to play themselves.