Arknights’ New Soundtrack “Never Give Up” and Full Ink-Painted Music Video Comes Out


August 16, 2020 – Shanghai, China– Mobile title Arknights released its latest indie pop “Never Give Up” composed by StayLoose, hybridizing Western and Chinese music styles. Tailor-made for the Arknights’ latest event, an ink-painted music video was produced by the art awards-nominated artist Sihan Lin. These new attempts show Arknights want to explore new directions for both its pop song and music video, bringing players unexpected auditory and visual experiences.

The themed song is inspired by Arknights’ latest Chinese-styled event “Who Is Real”, telling a story of a dreamlike adventure that happens in a world of ink painting. The Music Producer StayLoose mixed his pop music with traditional Chinese instruments Guzheng and Paixiao (a form of pan flute). With the oriental instruments dominating the melody, StayLoose hopes to deliver the perception of sitting on the mountain top with the breezy wind. The composition also keeps minimal to give more weight to Sara Ljung’s ethereal voice, granting the music a vulnerable and otherworldly feeling.

Different from the typical anime music video, the new visualization of the soundtrack is portrayed in traditional Chinese ink painting with brush-textured characters and ink flowing around. The minimalist rendering emphasizes the feeling and expression behind each brushstroke, leading the players through a world with a never-ending loop and seeking what the heart wants.

The lyrics also echo the theme of ”Who is Real”, reflecting the deep side of the character’s heart, that is, no matter how hard she falls in, as long as there is a firm faith, then she will carry on and never give up. 

Arknights has been working with different artists, believing that music expresses different thoughts and cultures as its stories. Arknights will continue to add more flavors and elements to its game development and game-related content, presenting players with diverse experiences.

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