Call Recording as a Business Tool through Unified Communications Systems

Every business can benefit from utilising unified communications systems in their day to day operations.  In fact, recent studies show that business organisations with unified communications systems in place fare better when it comes to productivity and mobility compared to those still on a regular telephony system. A substantial percent of businesses today rely hugely on the swift exchange of information, dependability of business tools and their cost-effectiveness.  All three requirements are met by unified communications systems.  One feature that has become an integral business tool is call recording.  This is especially true for businesses that are customer service driven to ensure quality standards are being maintained steadily.

Quality Control

It is critical for customer service-driven businesses to ensure that the quality of customer interactions is kept at a high standard.  This is possible with call recording through unified communications systems.  Call recording helps in the lessening of data entry errors.  All information during a call can be saved for future review to make sure that quality standards are being met and that information being saved is accurate and reliable. 

Training and Review

Most companies that utilise unified communications systems rely on call recording as their training and review tool for their employees.  Management can choose randomly from a selection of phone calls made by their workforce to use as examples during training and review sessions.  This further improves future interactions with customers and ensures that quality is always met.  Call recording can also be used in conjunction with other unified communications systems features to help familiarize new employees or reinforce through review, office procedures and protocols for current employees.

Customer Satisfaction

A business is only as good as its customer satisfaction ratings.  When customers are happy, businesses flourish and grow.  Through unified communications systems, customer satisfaction can be easily monitored and maintained especially with the call recording feature.  Employees can pinpoint problem areas during calls; management can pinpoint possible procedural improvements and easily make necessary adjustments so that customer satisfaction remains positive and favourable.