DC’s Vixen Prowls into Injustice 2 Mobile Today in Major 5.0 Update

Injustice 2 Mobile

Unleash the Abilities of the Animal Kingdom in Injustice 2 Mobile with New Vixen Character Release – Available Now

Boost Heroes to Greater Heights with New 7 Star Upgrades and Level Cap Increase in 5.0 Update

Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios today released a major update to the popular fighting game Injustice 2 Mobile featuring the addition of DC’s Vixen, a new character who wields the power to conjure the abilities of any animal, past or present.

Sporting the agility of a gazelle, the rage of a tiger and the electric shock of an eel, the strengths and abilities of the entire animal kingdom are within Vixen. Available today via Early Access packs, this fierce fighter is a powerful Gold support Hero who channels the powers of the Tantu Totem to increase damage for her entire team, mitigate enemy Class Advantages and disable the Specials of her opponents. Players can also acquire Vixen by earning her Hero Shards in an upcoming Versus Challenge, arriving soon. 

Vixen’s arrival brings a major player progression update to Injustice 2 Mobile, including:

·   NEW – 7 Stars Unlock (Available Now): Players can now use new Legendary Intergalactic Orbs to promote their heroes to 7 Stars and unlock a 7th Talent slot with a chance to receive new Legendary Talents. Players can earn the newest Orb by trading in their existing Galactic Orbs or by completing any Solo Raids for a chance at a drop.

·   NEW – Level Cap Increase (Available Now): Maximum player account levels, character and ability levels have been increased from 70 to 80, boosting heroes’ damage and health even further.

·   NEW – Solo Raid (Coming in August): With this new level cap, players can increase their might to prepare for a brand-new Solo Raid, which will feature a new mercenary boss and a chance to earn their Legendary Hero Shards. New bosses and incredible rewards (including new Artifacts!) await. More to be revealed soon.

Coming soon, players can also look forward to a special in-game event and awesome rewards including:   

·   Deadshot Invasion (July 30-Aug. 10)

For a limited time, Deadshot may appear in Arena matches. Players who beat him will earn his Hero Shards on top of Arena Season awards.

·   FREE Player Gifts (Aug. 5-9)

Collect a FREE player gift every 24 Hours for five days straight. These gifts include a chance to get Hero Shards for Legendary Suicide Squad Enchantress and Suicide Squad Harley Quinn.

·   New Profile Picture (Aug. 4-13)

Available for a limited time only, players will be able to update their Injustice 2 Mobile profile picture to “The Suicide Squad” logo to show their excitement for the highly anticipated film from DC and Warner Bros. Pictures, coming to cinemas on July 30.

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