Small Business Talk: Practicality of Using IP PBX Solution


One of the many benefits of the invention of the World Wide Web is that all businesses, whether a small start-up, a medium-sized establishment, or an international firm, are all able to reach and sell products and services to a global market. This levelled out the playing field because you can now do business with somebody on the other side of the planet via messaging and e-mail while conveniently sat at your home office but what if you needed to get a hold of the client immediately and you could not just wait for an e-mail reply. 

You could pick up the phone and call the client of course but be prepared to get a hefty international charge on your phone bill. And what if you needed to communicate with a dozen clients or more? This is where using IP PBX Solution comes into play.  This technological advancement is very practical and has many advantages apart from huge phone bill savings that is why a huge percentage of start-up business and small enterprises are choosing to up IP PBX Solution to address all their company’s communication needs.  

What Exactly Is an IP PBX Solution?

An IP PBX is an integrated telephony system that uses the internet in lieu of old fashioned telephone lines to make way for all forms of communication such as instant messaging, voice calls, video calls, voice mails, and video and/or voice conference calls, to be sent as packets of data over the internet. 

It allows a conventional telephone user to communicate with one or multiple parties over a VoIP network.  Before IP PBX Solution came to be, only big companies were able to enjoy PBX and VoIP features but now that there is an internet-based option, small businesses can now utilize the technological advancement to present their company as a very professional establishment and a serious contender in their industry. 

Your existing telephony system can be easily integrated into the IP PBX Solution without interrupting day to day business dealings. You need not even change your existing business phone numbers because the IP PBX Solution switches regular telephone calls onto the data network which allows multiple users to share the external existing phone lines.

The Upsides of Procuring IP PBX Solution 

The biggest advantage of getting IP PBX Solution instead of a proprietary or traditional phone system is of course the cost but there are so much more pros to add to the list of benefits. The cost of integrating your IP PBX solution with a VoIP long distance provider is considerably less than that of typical international call charges. If you have more than one office location, you can readily interconnect the phone systems of all the office branches and calls and video conferences will be free of charge making it easier for your employees to collaborate. Hot desking, telecommuting, and even working by the poolside are now all possible thanks to IP PBX Solution; all it takes is a program installation to any internet capable device. 

An IP PBX Solution can easily be installed like any other software on a typical computer and learning to use it is a breeze unlike the traditional telephony system which requires an adept installer who needed years of training. The same is true for IP PBX Solution day to day maintenance; familiarization on how to configure and fine tune the GUI/web interface is also straightforward. There are also a number of choices for software phones and SIP hardware, VoIP provider or PSTN Gateway so you can mix and match and not be locked in with a single vendor for a certain number of months or even years. If you are not happy with an existing IP PBX Solution setup then you can almost instantly make changes to improve your business communications network. 

The most important advantage in capitalizing on IP PBX Solution is the significant increase in productivity making it easier for your employees to come together to be able to give clients and customers a high level of customer service. Happier clients equates to better business and bigger profits. Business applications and programs can be integrated with the IP PBX Solution structure where your employees can quickly reach the client with a click of a button and also be able pull up customer account information and history simultaneously saving precious time and cutting down on operating costs.

Procuring IP PBX Solution internet based communications for your company is indeed very practical whether you are a start up company or have an existing PBX system in place because of the significant savings in calls and maintenance cost, plus many other convenient features.