Demystifying A Data Scientist

Define ‘Data Scientist’ Geeks with gigantic glasses and round bellies

– Data Scientists are warm, pleasant individuals like any of us, who are very adept at analyzing data, seeing non-obvious patterns in large volumes of data, and contribute significantly to creating a competitive edge for the business.

Data Scientists serve no purpose and are a nouveau fad that will soon fade.

– Machines will solve complex equations, fort humongous volumes of data but you will always need human expertise to figure out what to do with it. Be rest assured, Data Scientist are here to stay and robots are not taking over anytime soon.

Data Scientists put data into a magic hat, wave a wand over it, and voila! Game changing insights magically appear!

– Data Scientists aren’t magicians. They are just normal folks with a sound sense of logic and incredible lateral thinking capabilities. A keep eye for non-obvious patterns in obvious data is their super power.

Only large enterprises need Data Scientist to keep their ships floating

– Any company, no matter how big or email, needs an expert who can analyze data and search for patterns that can help determine future risks and loopholes as well as scope for improvement.

Want to be a Data Scientist? Fancy tools are all you need!

– Tools are just the tip of the iceberg. All the tools in the world can’t make you a data Scientist if you don’t have sound knowledge of mathematics, programming, and business.

Data Scientists are statisticians and physicists who failed to make the cut.

– While a lot of data scientists have an academic background in statistics or physics, many of them have consciously chosen to use their theoretical and analytical skills to solve business problems, and a lot of them are experts in the business domain they choose to operate in.

Data Scientists are BI specialist with fancier titles

BI specialists are a kind of data Scientist, but the role of a Data Scientist goes much beyond and includes predictives modeling, graph analysis, and more..