Establishing a Stronger Online Presence with Managed IT

It is imperative for business owners to understand the significance of a strong online presence and how it can directly affect customer interaction and satisfaction.  To be able to effectively establish a strong online presence, ask your managed IT provider about a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing plan.

Mainstream Marketing

Establishing a company’s brand through mainstream marketing methods such as print ads, TV commercials, massive email and immersion campaigns can definitely use up resources that could otherwise be used for other activities more related to the core business objectives.  This type of mainstream marketing is often only done by larger enterprises.  Small to mid-sized businesses therefore have to find alternative marketing/advertising solutions that could allow them get the same results.  This is where a comprehensive SEO and online marketing plan through managed IT comes in.

The internet is a powerful medium that is both far-reaching and robust.  Knowing how to harness this medium could boost a company’s brand and significantly improve brand recognition, customer interaction and customer satisfaction ratings.  Managed IT providers these days have recognized the importance of the internet in building brand recognition and have added various SEO related services designed to help small to midsized businesses competitively level with larger enterprises.

Managed IT’s Role

As is with all managed IT services, SEO services can only be effectively deployed and utilised by individuals who are experts on the subject matter.  SEO services are a compendium of different methodologies all designed to work cohesively to essentially push a company’s presence online to make potential customers and business partners aware of their products, services and capabilities.  Such methodologies include:

·         Organic search marketing – a non-paid Google search method that uses organic and natural placement techniques to increase first page visibility for your company website.

·         Paid search marketing – admittedly the fastest, most effective method of guaranteeing first page visibility. Management, handling and maintenance of your Google Adwords account however has to be done by your managed IT SEO team to ensure that your investment is working effectively for you.

·         Web Development and Design – an effective website is not just about design, it is about utilising and maximizing the way your site is developed to ensure that it is 100% configured for both desktop and mobile devices.

·         Social Media Management – your managed IT provider should know how to best harness social media management’s benefits and advantages.  This methodology allows companies to reach out and create robust customer interactions and experiences that result in wider brand recognition.