G-Darius HD (PS4/Switch) Digital Out Now

Darius HD

The Rebirth of a true Cult Classic!

TAITO and ININ Games are happy to announce G-Darius HD – a remastered port of the original G-Darius from 1997 – is OUT NOW digitally for Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4!

The boxed version will also be available soon – from October 29th, 2021 in Europe.

G-Darius HD brings classic shoot ‘em up action to your screen!

24 years after its initial release, new and old players alike will be able to experience the birth of the silver hawk in HD glory! With its catchy soundtrackadrenaline-pushing gameplay, and boss versus player beam-battles coming in high definition, G-Darius HD will be a pleasure for everyone craving late ‘90s games. 

Are you missing the old style? Say no more! Especially for retro-enthusiasts, G-Darius HD will be playable in original arcade graphics to match the throwback feelings the beautiful gameplay unleashes.

G-Darius HD features:

  • Branching stages and multiple paths through each stage
  • Iconic, maritime-inspired boss designs
  • Unique enemy spacecraft capture system for strategic depth
  • Playable with modern high-resolution, or original arcade graphics
  • Fantastic soundtrack and audio design

“This is a shoot-em-up experience like few others, and while it has all the genre hallmarks of intensity and adrenaline-inducing action, it binds it with superlative artistry, epic set-pieces, and an alien world as strange as it is wonderful.”  Nintendolife.com —- 9/10 Excellent!

Get a lungful of that space-sea breeze with G-Darius HD, available digitally for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch NOW.

Due to unforeseen issues in production and shipping, the release of the boxed version of G-Darius HD unfortunately has to be postponed. The boxed version for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch will be available from October 29th, 2021 in Europe.  

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