Play, Pause and Plan in RFM, a stylish retro-futuristic roguelike coming to PC and consoles next year


New extended gameplay reveals a world between worlds, where time is on your side…

From the Mexican studio behind Pato Box, RFM is a stylish tactical roguelite in which you’ll play, pause, plan, and ride the frequencies between worlds, coming to PC and consoles next year.

In this 10 minute gameplay run through, get the inside scoop on how a typical run in RFM goes, from getting your loadout and skills ready in Morgan’s apartment to exploring the Bast, and get a feel for this colourful, retro-futuristic roguelite set to a catchy original soundtrack.

RFM is a roguelite tactics game where you can play, pause and plan. You are Morgan, dimension-diving merc, delving deeper and deeper into a dimension between worlds, at the behest of the factions looking to exploit this new reality. But you’re going to need help to survive in the depths. Help, and a whole lot of skill. If you missed the reveal trailer,


  • A unique tactical battle system combining real-time action and time-freezing strategy
  • Slick retro-futuristic visuals set to a catchy, energetic original soundtrack
  • Every dive is different: change your strategies on the fly to counter a dimension in flux
  • Discover the secrets of each world and work towards a mysterious final goal
  • A cast of roguish characters and factions to meet. Make a bestie (or two) to best The Bast

Dive into RFM when it launches next year on PC (and consoles TBA). Wishlist the stylish retro-futuristic roguelike on Steam today. The game will be present at the Steam Next Fest from this Friday, with a demo available:

About Bromio:

Based in Mexico, Bromio is an independent game development studio and publisher, focused on delivering innovative, unique, and vibrant video game experiences to players. Starting their game development journey crafting creative experiences on mobile platforms, the studio’s ambition saw them launch Pato Box as developer, followed by Neon City Riders as publisher, before moving onto their most exciting and ambitious project yet, RFM, which is releasing in 2022.