505 Games Presents Upcoming Titles Showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2021 October 1


Esteemed Publisher Also Featuring in Xbox Live Stream September 30 ​​​​​​​  505 Games will highlight upcoming titles during two Tokyo Game Show 2021 events: the 505 Games Upcoming Titles Showcase on Friday, October 1st at 10am BST and the Xbox Live Stream on Thursday, September 30, 10am BST. Watch both digital events via Tokyo Game Show’s YouTube, Twitch, and BiliBili […]

Muse Dash X Touhou Project Delivers Barrier-Shattering Collab

Muse Dash

Reimu Hakurei is ready to transcend the cute rhythm game with danmaku Action rhythm game Muse Dash is partnering up with the sensational Japanese bullet hell franchise, Touhou Project, for its latest content update! This update brings familiar elements of Gensokyo into Muse Dash: a special Touhou music pack, a new playable character, as well as three special graphics. […]

[NEWS] Celebrate the MLB Postseason – Major Updates in MLB Perfect Inning 21


As baseball fans everywhere get ready for the MLB playoffs, GAMEVIL Com2uS has an exciting in-game update happening in MLB Perfect Inning 21 extending into the postseason. Step up to the plate to become the MVP or manage your way to the world series with the latest updates. Postseason Challenge Mode – From now until November 8, the […]

Coffee injected business management detective game Coffee Noir is out NOW!

Coffee Noir

Grab yourself a cup of coffee and start your neo-noir adventure on Steam and GOG.com. The investigation is on its tracks! Open your coffee business somewhere in Neo-London and quietly start your investigation regarding the mysterious disappearance of the local coffee magnate. Take care of the business, negotiate contracts and gain the trust of the […]

G-Darius HD (PS4/Switch) Digital Out Now

Darius HD

The Rebirth of a true Cult Classic! TAITO and ININ Games are happy to announce G-Darius HD – a remastered port of the original G-Darius from 1997 – is OUT NOW digitally for Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4! The boxed version will also be available soon – from October 29th, 2021 in Europe. G-Darius HD brings classic shoot ‘em up action to […]

Gravewood High Launches in Early Access This October


September 30, 2021. Students, your summer break is over. Meet your new teacher, Mr. Hyde, and get ready to enter Gravewood High for your creepiest school year yet on October 20, 2021. Several students have gone missing at the school, but none of the adults seem to have noticed. What is going on at the centuries-old Gravewood High and why […]