Midautumn, the Hades-esque Roguelike About Asian Diaspora, launches on Kickstarter, reaches 13% funding in only 3 hours!

Mid Autumn

The upcoming Asian diaspora roguelike, Midautumn went live on Kickstarter today, dropping a brand new trailer and a free demo alongside their campaign! In only 3 hours, they’ve already managed to raise over 13% of their funding!

Midautumn is a supernatural game about blasting evil spirits, gentrification and Asian diaspora culture.

The game boasts some absolutely stunning character portraits, as well as a unique blend of lo-fi pixel art and psychedelic spell effects. You play as Robin Lam, a recent college grad with no clear direction who has resorted to crashing with their Grandmother in the fictional town of Nambo Quay, California. In exchange, Robin’s Grandma reveals to Robin that the Spirit World is real, its entrance is in the basement, and Robin is strongarmed into being its latest protector.

When you’re not blasting spirits in the ever-shifting rooms of the Spirit World, the town of Nambo Quay is filled with a cast of colorful, larger-than-life characters for you to forge bonds with. You’ll have hundreds of unique story events to learn about what’s really going on in this cozy, mysterious town.

The game’s kickstarter demo will allow players to toggle the amount of damage the player takes so even players who are intimidated by rogue-lites can still play and enjoy the narrative. This pre-alpha demo will be an early look at the game’s opening chapter, designed to allow players to give early feedback during the kickstarter campaign.

Beyond their appearance at the PAX 10 this week, Midautumn will also make appearances at the Game Devs of Color Expo, and Steam Next Fest

If you’re as excited about Midautumn as we are, you can go back the Kickstarter campaign right now and help share the campaign on social media! You can also try the FREE demo on Steam, and follow along with the campaign on Discord and Twitter!