Phoenix Point Reveals the Game-Changing New Acheron Enemy of DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons

Phoenix Point

The hit strategy game’s newest DLC comes to PC and consoles October 1, the same day as Phoenix Point’s launch on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One

Snapshot Games has dropped the first details for Phoenix Point’s upcoming DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons, coming October 1 to PC and packaged that same day with the official launch of Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One in partnership with Prime Matter. The deadly Acheron presents a whole new threat to humanity with abilities that will challenge both new and veteran players alike in the hit turn-based strategy game.

The Acheron appears in the chaos after the Pandorans arrive, and while its original purpose is unknown, it now wreaks havoc throughout the world. The ever-evolving Acheron can buff its allies while hindering Phoenix operatives, leaping across the map, firing off pepper clouds to reduce the accuracy of attackers, or even hanging back to heal friendly Pandorans, call for reinforcements, or worse, resurrect dead allies to keep on fighting!

In designing the Acheron, the team at Snapshot was inspired by War of the Worlds‘ “harvesters” for its terrifying look. The Acheron introduces the devastating ability to spread Corruption, a new game mechanic that affects infected soldiers’ will to fight. The only way to stop this new affliction is to capture and research one of these strange creatures, but even then, the threat of the Acheron will always be a force to reckon with.

Players will need to have DLC 4 enabled in order to make the Acheron available in both DLC 4-specific missions, as well as standard missions.

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition is available now on PC via Steam, the Epic Games Store, the Microsoft Store, and Google Stadia. Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition, featuring the full game plus four major DLC expansions – including DLC 4 – plus a free next-gen upgrade to PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S after launch, will debut on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One alongside the release of DLC 4 on all platforms on October 1.

About Snapshot Games

Snapshot Games is a video game development studio founded in 2013 by Julian Gollop and David Kaye and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria. Gollop is recognized for creating the X-COM video game franchise in the 1990s with UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-COM: Apocalypse. Gollop is also the CEO of Snapshot Games. The company’s developers include industry veterans with years of prior experience working for studios like Ubisoft Sofia, Crytek Black Sea and more.

About Prime Matter

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, Prime Matter is a premium gaming label dedicated to delivering a range of diverse and immersive games from amazing gaming development talent all around the globe. The company covers projects of all styles, scopes and sizes, from producing to publishing, perfect for ambitious teams taking their first steps that need full support without compromising their dreams, as well as more established studios looking to build their brand further in the global market.

Prime Matter looks to lead through creativity, expression and passion with games that will grip and enchant with enthralling storytelling, winning audiences with incredible moments and larger-than-life experiences. Prime Matter is a proud member of the Koch Media Group.