Rule of Content Marketing

Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign. Here are the 5 Rules of Content Marketing !

Plan Ahead

  • Plan your content marketing strategy , all of your posts ( social media posts , blog posts )
  • Very effective tool that will help you plan all of your content ahead – for a whole month ( with just 1 hour of work )

Post Unique Content

  • Just posting quotes won’t do the magic
  • Be creative and create content that your audience is interested 
  • Ask your audience what they want to learn more about .

 Relevant Content

  • Include topics that your audience can relate to 
  • Sharing relevant content will keep them on your social media profile 
  • Lifestyle content

 Set Content Goals

  • Without having goals for your content , you won’t achieve anything 
  • + Great questions for Content Marketing Goals ( included in my blog post )

Post at the Right Time 

  • Check your analytics frequently
  • + Powerful hack ( included in my blog post )