Streamline Business Communications through Unified Communications for Small Business

Is your business reaping the benefits of unified communications for small business yet?  You should know that if you haven’t obtained unified communications for small business, you are basically saying you’re content with your company’s current level of performance and productivity.  How do you compare to other businesses of the same nature as yours?  How do you measure up to smaller businesses that are already maximizing the benefits of unified communications for small business?

We all know that an increase in productivity and as a result, revenue is just one of the many benefits that your business can enjoy on a unified communications for small business plan.  However, there are some benefits that are equally as impressive but rarely discussed.

Call Recording and Playback

This benefit is especially advantageous for businesses that offer customer support as part of their services.  Calls are recorded and stored should the need to play back the conversation ever arises.  Did you forget specific details discussed within the call?  Simply access the recorded file and get the details required.  This unified communications for small business feature dramatically boosts customer service ratings across the board.

Streamlined Communications

Studies show that a significant boost in productivity is felt just on the basis of co-workers being able to quickly contact one another.  You as a business owner should be able to get a hold of your employees in whenever needed.  With unified communications for small business the many ways of being able to contact your employees in real time through streamlining communication avenues such as SMS, Instant Messaging, and VoIP calls will consistently help your business see a significant increase in productivity.

Accessibility and Improved Mobility

Unified communications for small business allows your workforce to access your network on various mobile devices at any given time from anywhere.  This greatly improves their ability to continue working even when in transit, or is working from home.  Through IP telephony, multiple conversations across multiple devices can also be achieved thus increasing efficiency and mobility.