Web Design
  1. Fill In Creative Brief

All successful web design projects start with a properly filled in creative brief, A creative brief will steer the project in the right direction by providing information about your company, what you are trying to communicate and who you want to communicate to.

2. Design Pages & Approval

Using information from the creative brief, along with knowledge and experience, the design team will create a home page with the right style and function for your company, then present it for input and or approval.

3. Code the Site for Cross Browser Compatibility

Your customers and potential customers will most likely be using various browsers to view your new website. It is our responsibility to ensure that your website is compatible for the commonly used browsers.

4. Program Functionality & Setup Software

It is important that your website appears inviting and easy to navigate. Its Equally important that functions such as shopping cart, blog, login operate as expected, by users.

5. Build Web Pages, Insert Content & Graphics

Using HTML and CSS we build the site for use on the web, according to the approved design along with the requested content and functions.

6. Test the Site

Once your website is designed, coded, programmed and built, it is then tested to make sure that all pages function together as a complete website.

7. Launch the Site

When your website is completed and working properly, it is ready to launch for the world to see and for customers to have easy access to your company’s product of services.

8. Engage in Online Marketing & Get Traffic

The world wide web is a huge place, thus making it necessary to use online techniques to guide people to your site, so that it can work for the purpose it was created for.