Top 8 Ways to Use Video to Market Your Business Online


Who better to explain the benefits of your products or services than your best, most enthusiastic customers? Video testimonials enable your clients to talk directly to your prospects, building trust and confidence, enhancing your reputation and getting your message across.

2.Virtual Sales Presentation

Deliver a consistent sales message and in a cost effective manner. A Virtual Sales Presentation allows you to transport vital sales and marketing information at a fraction of the cost of an expensive sales visit.

3.Virtual Tours

A 360 degree virtual tour ‘teleports’ the viewer in the center of the action creating a dynamic virtual experience almost as genuine and personal as a real-life impression.

4.Product Demonstration

This is a great way of demonstrating technical products quickly. By using a combination of motion graphics, screen capture, voice-over or a presenter, you can make it easy for the viewer to engage and understand.

Visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. ()


When people can both see and hear your message, they learn more quickly and retain information better. That is why a video that delivers dynamic, interactive distance learning via the Web is an ideal medium for training your clients, staff or colleagues.

6.123 Video

Create a custom sales tool that allows you to present tailored messages to key decision makers, sectors. Videos are created using a rendering tool developed by Contrast Design.

Video in email marketing has been shown to increase click-through rates by over 96%. (H)


Deliver your message to the right audience in an innovative, clear and compelling way through motion graphics and 3D animations. 3D modeling can allow us to send technical information in a clearer way.


A corporate video is a direct representation of your company’s personality and character, helping you to position your company as a market leader in its field.