Delving Deeper into the Role Managed IT Plays in Your Enterprise

For the longest time, most business owners are content with the minimal role that managed IT plays in their business operations – when there’s a problem, they make a call to get it fixed and they pay the fee.  The truth of the matter is, managed IT has proven to be more effective when utilised for far more than just fixing what is broken.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Most business owners think that because they’re only running small to mid-sized businesses, they do not need managed IT services and that it’s going to cost too much for the amount of work that need to be done.  On the contrary, when it comes to information technology especially for small to mid-sized enterprises, getting a full managed IT service plan will end up being more cost effective while completely covering all of the information technology needs beyond fixing what is broken.

Business owners need to realize that information technology touches every single facet of a business.  IT can effectively slow down or completely stop daily operations thereby negatively affecting productivity.  With a full managed IT service plan, problems can be prevented with the proper management and proactive monitoring of an enterprise’s information technology environment.

So if you’re a business owner, how do you determine if your company needs managed IT?  Consider the following scenarios:

  • How is revenue going to be affected if downtimes due to IT failure consistently occur?  If your business was shut down for a day, how much of a loss is that going to be?
  • Is the exchange of information crucial to the flow of business?  How much do you rely on email and instant messaging? If there was a breakdown on communication for a day, how badly will it affect operations?

Those are just some of the scenarios you have to consider to determine if your company needs managed IT.  Whether your business is small to mid-sized or a larger enterprise, managed IT will help ensure that productivity through optimally performing infrastructure and/or network systems happens on a daily basis.