Parasight Out Now on Steam


Independent game developer ManyDev Studio has released the 2D Action-RPG game with souls-like mechanisms, Parasight, on Steam today.

In Parasight you can choose to play peacefully or aggressively, you can socialize with enemies or fight with them!  You can choose to be a Knight, Wizard, or level up, using Soul Extracts to become stronger in dealing with the enemies.

Parasight allows you three options to deal with the bosses in the game, fighting, social battle, or battle soul! Explore the vast Nevermore Island to find out what happened to the last tyrant king and old settlers.

A demo version of the game is currently available on Steam for free. 

  • You can choose to play peacefully or aggressively!
  • Choose between 6 classes of Knight, Mage, and some more! (only 2  classes are available in the demo)
  • Dynamic story, the story changes based on your actions!
  • More than 40 boss fights!
  • Rich story & richer side stories!
  • Cool puzzles and mini-games!
  • Many cute NPCs.
  • Original Art and soundtrack

Additional Information

  • Steam Store 
  • Studio Website

About ManyDev Studio 
MDS we are part of Playway SA. We are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We are a hub for game developers. We consist of a dozen or so talented and experienced teams creating various indie games. Teams join us with their own ideas, which allows us to make game developer’s dreams come true. Our goal is to create the best possible low-budget productions. 
ManyDev is all the time looking for an interesting team and project.