Skype for Business – A Crucial Managed IT and Telephony Solution for Business


The swift and seamless exchange of information, dependable communication avenues and the ability to enhance collaborative team effort within a business are all achievable with Skype for Business, a managed IT solution that promises to improve communications across the board.

Skype for business helps businesses significantly improve internal communications, whether one on one or for large groups of users through instant messaging or IM, voice calls, video calls and conferences and online meetings.  As a managed IT solution, Skype for Business also addresses the need of companies to enhance its ability to facilitate collaborative exchanges within the workforce.  

Other features and their benefits

Skype for Business is another managed IT solution that can be used across multiple platforms.  It can be installed and used on desktops, laptops for Windows and Mac operating systems, mobile phones and devices.  

Skype for Business is part of the Office 365 cloud solution which means, it is hosted in Microsoft’s data centres.  And as it is with managed IT cloud solutions, security and privacy concerns during online collaborations, meetings, video conferences and even document or file sharing are properly and efficiently addressed for a relatively worry-free Skype experience. 

Skype for Business can be utilized with most of the applications included in Office 365 such as Outlook and PowerPoint.  Additionally, it is possible to link your Skype for Business status and availability with Outlook calendar which can be extremely helpful when co-workers need to get a hold of you.  

Businesses that have yet to utilize Skype for Business should know that Microsoft if continually working on trying to improve features that aim to improve the Skype for Business experience.  This is especially true for businesses that allow their employees to work from home, work from remote locations or constantly on the road for other business purposes.  Skype for Business is also a managed IT solution that facilitates the ability to make swifter, closer to real time decisions that serve to improve customer-provider relationships.