The Rewards of Outsourcing IT Services for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you have probably given the idea of outsourcing your IT services a thought or two.  You also, probably have weighed the pros and cons, studying carefully how such a move can impact your core business functions.  In reality, for small businesses there are very legitimate reasons why outsourcing IT services […]

Empowering Small Business with Unified Communications

In today’s global market, competition is fierce.  Almost every day, more and more small businesses open that could potentially attract existing customers away from one business to another.  Every advantage must be utilized, every lead should be maximized.  To ensure that your business stays ahead of the others you need to consider improving your small […]

Managed Telephony and Mobility – Key Features of IT Services

In the global business world, the need to always be in tune with what’s current and trending is ever present.  Technological advances and changes happen every single day.  The way we exchange information, communicate and interact with our colleagues, business partners and customers are constantly evolving.  Getting left behind is not an option especially if […]

Improve Business Agility through Unified Communications Singapore

Unified Communications is the term given to the services, software and equipment utilized to streamline the interactive use of various enterprise communication processes which includes the control, integration and management of such processes.  Unified communications or UC products facilitate the integration of communications channels, consumer applications and mechanisms, and networks and systems and infrastructure. With […]

Enlisting Professional IT Support through Managed IT Services

Do you find yourself dealing with one printer problem after another on a daily basis?  Are your emails not sending out properly?  Is your business productivity suffering because you’re not able to focus on your IT needs?  Have you been delegating IT concerns to existing workers who do not have the proper training and expertise […]

Common Features of a Standard IP Phone

The IP phone is a vital component of a unified communications system.  It has varied functionalities that help facilitate trouble-free communications for businesses both internally and externally.  There are many different models of IP phones and their functionalities differ depending on the manufacturer.  However, there are common features that can be seen on almost any […]

What to Look for in a Unified Communications Provider

If you’re looking to propel your business to the next level, it is about time you, as a business owner, partner with a unified communications provider to set up a unified communications system that could either supplement or replace your current telephony and information system.  So what is unified communications and what can it do […]

The Importance of Securing the Support of a Managed Services Provider

In the current global business market, competition is massively elevated.  The race to the top is fast-paced, ruthless and unforgiving.  There is no room for downtimes, mediocre productivity and lackadaisical management.  A company’s growth and progression relies on the consistency of performance from both the workforce and the infrastructure.  Proactively ensure your IT department’s optimum […]

How IP Communications Contribute to a Business’ Growth

A business is only as good as its ability to keep its customer base choosing to continue using its products or services.  When customer satisfaction (CSAT) dips negatively, the company as a whole takes a direct hit that could result in loss of revenue.  CSAT is sometimes negatively impacted when the lines of communication internally […]